The HR and Administration Team are in charge of all the behind the scenes action here at Castle Marketing. They are in charge of all the recruiting, paperwork, leads, data entry, background checks, and events in the office. This position is vital to Castle Marketing’s success and growth.


Marketing Representatives are in charge of marketing and sales for our clients. Their goals are learning product knowledge, consistency, and client knowledge. Their responsibilities include lead generation, sales, promotional marketing, and face to face communication with our consumers. All marketing representatives are offered an opportunity to enter our Management Training Program, depending on their attitude and performance.


The Campaign Account Manager will help oversee one of our clients. They will learn to be consistent will the sales and marketing of each campaign. Campaign Account Managers are in charge of demographics, sales, leads, and learning to train others on consistency.


Assistant Managers responsibilities will include helping run the behind aspects of Castle Marketing. They help with administration, recruiting, teaching and training, in-house training of employees, and accounting and finance. They will be learning how to manage and train individuals from the ground up behind the scenes.


All Managers are in charge of running the campaigns. Responsibilities include territory management, team development, demographic research, training employees, recruiting, and having one on one contact with our Clients. The goal of a Manager is to learn to oversee more than one client at a time.


Castle Marketing’s Management Training Program is designed to train the right candidates how to teach, train, and develop others from the ground up. This program is the most challenging position we have here at Castle Marketing. All candidates are trained from entry level into Management within 6-10 months. Not everyone graduates this program. The Success of a candidate will depend on the following attributes: attitude, dedication, performance, consistency, management abilities, and professionalism. The client has always been our top priority, as they are the reason for our tremendous success and growth opportunity. We are constantly evolving as we grow as a company and an organization across the country.


By taking advantage of Castle Marketing’s Business/Management training and opportunities for professional development, even those with limited work experience can build personal and professional skills that will last a lifetime. The future is bright and consistent at Castle Marketing for individuals who are team players, creative thinkers and self-starters who are goal and detail-oriented and have an affinity for working with people. Most openings require no experience and are considered entry level.