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Facebook Audiences: Why Smaller is Better

Facebook audiences are only one aspect of Facebook marketing, but they are an important one. You’ve probably heard, perhaps ad nauseam, about Old Media vs. New Media and how the advent of the Internet changed marketing forever.


While it may be a trite observation it’s also true. Old Media consisted of print advertising in newspapers and magazines, radio advertising, and television advertising. The purpose of these mediums was to reach as many people as possible to hit your target market, even if many of the people you were reaching did not care about your message.


New Media, and Social Media in particular, follow a very different philosophy: reaching the right people through advanced targeting. And the targeting is getting more and more advanced everyday.


We see this particularly with Facebook Ads. As Facebook has grown into the most popular social network in the Western world, they have used the vast amount of information collected from their users to build a marketing database that can be almost unsettling in its specificity. Facebook audiences are becoming more sophisticated, but they shouldn’t necessarily get larger.

Are you trying to reach Veterans in North Dakota that just bought a house and returned from vacation a week ago? With Facebook Ads that’s easier than ever.

But why should you try and reach such a small segment of the population? “I’ve got an amazing product,” you think. “What if I miss someone?”


That’s the beauty of segmentation and targeting. You can still reach a large population in stages and with messaging that is specifically tailored to each segment of your target market. Facebook audiences should be highly specific. Instead of casting a wide net and hoping for a few nibbles, use the right bait to get your Facebook audiences engaged.


A good rule of thumb is to keep your Facebook audiences around to 20,000 person mark.


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Carly Vaughn About the author

Carly Vaughn is content writer, public relations strategist, and social media marketer based in Nashville, TN. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor's of Arts in English with a specialization in Creative Writing. She uses this creativity in all of her work for Castle Marketing Group and their clients.