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relevant content

How to Keep Writing Relevant Content

Writing great content can be easy; writing relevant content consistently is often more of a challenge.


What makes great content?


Content that is informative, well written, and relevant is the goal for most content writers and their clients. But what happens when you want to put out this great content at a quick pace.

It can become difficult to consistently find suitable topics and craft them into articles and blogs that your target audience will appreciate and conform to the necessary SEO principles for relevancy.

The following list of suggestions will help you keep putting out relevant content that you can be proud of.


Get Inspired: Writer’s block isn’t limited to novelists. Content writers also experience writer’s block from time to time. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to provide clients with the content they need and coming up empty. Instead of getting stuck in a creative rut, branch out to get inspiration.


Read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch lectures to expand your frame of reference. Even if they aren’t specifically about the subject you’re writing on, it can be helpful to find new voices. Try, TedTalks, and marketing newsletters to get started.


Do Your Research: Especially with technical writing, research is imperative for successful content writing. It’s difficult to sound like an expert in your writing without doing the necessary research. But you need to make sure you do more than just rewrite old content or that of a competitor.


One resource that is often untapped is the wealth of industry information available if you know where to look. Expand your research past the usual topics and look into industry trends. Though many industry research tools are behind pay walls, with some finesse you can find industry newsletters that can give you an insight for free.


Be Mindful of Your Relevancy: Relevancy doesn’t just refer to how your audience relates to the content; it also refers to your content’s ability to rank for SEO. To have truly relevant content, you need to make sure you find, select, and emphasize an appropriate keyword. Use Google Keyword Search tool to find a good keyword and try to incorporate it naturally into your content.


Instead of just writing a lot content, make sure it’s unique, informative, and keyword-rich.


Castle Marketing Group’s content writing team provides personalized content solutions for businesses in any industry. Contact us for a free content analysis.

Carly Vaughn About the author

Carly Vaughn is content writer, public relations strategist, and social media marketer based in Nashville, TN. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor's of Arts in English with a specialization in Creative Writing. She uses this creativity in all of her work for Castle Marketing Group and their clients.