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Sales Strategy Consulting

We are proud to offer a service that you won’t find at many marketing firms: sales strategy consulting.

Sales Strategy Consulting

Unfortunately, most marketing firms aren’t prepared to consider your business’s sales strategy and structure when devising marketing plans. They certainly can’t give concrete advice on how to improve your sales performance.


CMG is different. Our President, Sean Austin, has spent his career helping companies devise and refine their sales strategies to reach new levels of success. CMG helps companies in every stage of growth: new ventures, businesses on the rise, or established brands. If you need help with your sales, CMG has you covered.

Sales Strategy


Furthermore, this sales-driven philosophy underlies all of our marketing services. Many marketing companies aren’t concerned with your sales success based on the marketing results they generate for you. Why increase traffic to your website if you can’t turn that traffic into more conversions and sales?

Steps To Success

CMG’s sales strategy consulting usually consists of the following steps:

Observation & Research

How can we improve on what you already have in place if we don’t fully understand your current sales approach? CMG will take the time to learn the ins and out of your business, products or services, sales structure, market share in the industry, and what your competitors are doing.

Sales Strategy Report Creation and Implementation

Armed with this information, we will create a report that gives our process and structure recommendations to increase your sales strategy’s success. Our sales consultants will break this report down step by step to explain the reasoning behind each recommendation. We will help you implement this strategy with your employees and provide sales training to make sure they understand the new processes.

Results Analysis

After the new sales strategy has been in place for a predetermined amount of time, we will analyze the results to see if your goals have been met. If there’s still work to be done, we’ll make the necessary changes to ensure your company’s success.

CMG is more than just a marketing firm. Contact us today to see how we can help you reach, and exceed, your goals.