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Why Should I Have a Responsive Website?

First, let’s define “responsive”. A responsive website functions perfectly, and looks nice, on any and every platform on which it can be accessed.


For example, every smartphone user has encountered a website with a mobile version that is ugly, clunky, difficult to use, or all of the above. And as mobile users with infinite possibilities and little patience, we have no tolerance for websites that aren’t easy to navigate.


If your website isn’t responsive, you ARE losing potential customers and users. How do we know? Here’s a few statistics that will convince you too:

U.S. internet users that access the internet via a mobile device 0

Mobile users that will leave your site if it takes longer than 10 seconds to load0

Internet users that WOULDN'T recommend a site that performs badly on mobile0

The number of mobile internet users has officially outstripped desktop internet users. Are you reaching those mobile users?

You may think that your industry or target market excludes you from needing a responsive website. Perhaps your product or service is aimed towards an older audience, and seniors are not generally associated with staying up to date on technology. Well, you’d be wrong to think seniors aren’t using smartphones: 41% of people in the U.S. aged 65-69 own a smartphone, and 18% of all people 65 and older own a smartphone (Source).


Perhaps you’re in a B2B industry and believe that mobile responsiveness isn’t important for your site? Unfortunately, you’d be making quite a costly mistake. 42% of B2B product or service researchers use a mobile device, and 49% of that mobile research is conducted at the office during business hours (Source).


Many business owners may not even know if their website is responsive on every platform. A good way to test whether your website is up to scratch on all mobile devices is this Chrome extension. You can quickly and easily determine whether your site is performing its best on smartphones and tablets.


If you don’t have a responsive website, don’t panic! CMG specializes in responsive websites. For a consultation on how CMG can help you reach mobile users, contact us today.

Carly Vaughn About the author

Carly Vaughn is content writer, public relations strategist, and social media marketer based in Nashville, TN. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor's of Arts in English with a specialization in Creative Writing. She uses this creativity in all of her work for Castle Marketing Group and their clients.